Where to buy high-end audio

Nowadays, there are many ways to buy your high-end audio. You can go to a hifi shop in your neighbourhood, or you can surf the net and buy from the online shops. The good thing about, going to a shop, is that they have the opportunity to give you advice and listen to different stereo setups. However, one big drawback is that their advice is based on what they have in stock.

With other words, they will not recommend anything that what they not represent. If they would do that, they would cease to exist in no time! So, their advice will be not objective at all. Also, they want you to buy new equiment, which in general is expensive.

Audio magazines

So, what if I read some magazines where they test many kinds of brands? And then, with that outcome I go to the hifi shop and buy low-cost hifi? That question might pop up in your head now. NO! Do not do it! You want to borrow someone's ears to decide for you what to buy? If you buy a car, you would like to to take it for a spin first too right? The other problem with hifi magazines are that they get their money from advertisements.

So, if they will write a negative review about a brand, lets say.. Rotel or Denon, they would immediatly stop advertising in their magazines. The reviews are always influenced by this. So a big NO!

So, whats left? Buy second hand! Websites like ebay, or your local webpages offer a lot of second hand high-end audio.

In my experience, high-end audio enthusiastics always give you the opportunity to first listen to what you are interested in, before buying. The other benefit, can be that you are making some new audio friends too! Getting to know other audio lovers is a good way to share experience and to gain your knowlegde about good sounding audio.

If you feel more secure to buy audio with guarantee, you can also check the hifi-shops. Many of them have a second hand division or demo equipment, only been used in a display setup. Sometimes, you can find good bargains delivered with guarantee! If you like to read an independant review first about some amp, speakers etc. you can surf to this online audio guide, where you read the experience from owners.