What is high-end ?

High-end is a term not only used in audio or hifi, but also in other products. The best describtion would be, the top line or the best. So, you can say that high-end audio means the best you can get, right? But who decides whether it is high-end or sub high-end or not even close to high-end?

It is very easy to call your product high-end, since there are no guidelines for that. And that is also where the problems occur. Recently, I saw an advertisment of a gettoblaster. When I was reading the describtion my eyes stumbled on 'high-end' several times. Now, I don't mind people want to sell their products, but I think you shouldn't abuse words such as high-end. It would be the same if you try to tell people your Ford or Chevy is a formula 1 car. Who would believe you?

Now, where should we draw the line then? It is a good question, that can not be answered that simple. Do prices say something about whether it is high-end or not? There is a correlation between the pricetag of a product and the quality. But, it is not a rule at all! There are many 'exotics' that do not deserve to be called 'high-end'. High-end audio, is high-end, when some people say it is. Especially, manufactories like to call their own products 'high-end' to justify their pricetags. Personaly, I think audio products have to deserve to be called 'high-end' by us consumers. But, then again what you think is high-end, doesn't mean it would be to me. And Vice versa.

So, what we conclude? Maybe as you have noticed, I use the term a lot in my website. Why? To emphasize good quality audio. And more important, that we decide that for ourselves. Good quality sells itself and also deserves to be called 'high-end'. A gettoblaster will never get that position, no matter how hard you try. People, don't let them fool themselves. So trust your own 'gut' feeling when sales people or adds try to convince you that their products are 'high-end'.