Powerconditioners...do they work?

As an audiophile, I was curious about the powerconditioners. There seem to be a lot of polution on our powernet, caused by industry and households. And I already noticed that my hifi sounded better during the evening than during daytime. The sound was somehow more ‘relaxed’ and this was because there was less polution on the net. Sounds fair doesn't it?

So, of course I tried some cheap powerconditioners first. I even forgot the brands, probably because it didn’t do anything in my setup! Moreover, it did more harm than good! It sounded supressed and there was less dynamics. But, I gave it the benefit of the doubt and bought a power conditioner of an higher segment. It was one from the respected Van Medevoort high-end manufactory from The Netherlands. But, unfortunatly it didn’t do anything good in my setup. First, you think you notice some differences, because your brain also expects it. It is like a suggestion. But, then you switch back, to your original setup, without powerconditioner and you realise it just sounds better.

It is not that I am a non-believer, you also hear good stories about it. And if it works, great! But, I would not recommend investing lots of money in powerconditioners. There are far better ways to upgrade your high-end gear! One of the best and cheapest you can do concerning your power/electricity is to draw a cable directly from your transformer substation or meter cupboard to your high-end equipment. The improvements I have heard, were dramatic! Even the bass got more tight and deeper, more detail and bigger soundstage. And that for the price of one electricity cable!

What also can help to improve your sounds is connect the poles the right way. Using a polarity checker is a very handy tool and it can make some difference. In some setups the sound was totally not focessed anymore when connecting the plug the ‘wrong way’. So, it is totally worth to try! Also try to avoid contact among the powercords and interlinks or speakercables. I have tested it and yes, it just sounds better when there is no contact between your cables. In a summery, don´t waste your money on powerconditoners. If it makes a huge difference in sound quality in your high-end setup, you should question yourself the problem can't be found elsewhere.