High-end interlinks, speakercables and powercords

There have been many things said and written about high-end audio cables. Mainly about speakercables and interlinks and powercords And there can see two different type of people defending their own statements. It is the believers against and non- believers. It's almost like religion. The cable church and the cable atheïsts.

The first group is totally convinced about the effects of speakercables and interlinks in their high-end equimpment. They can hear the difference in any cable and they are mostly changing and experiment a lot. Always on the lookout for better sounding cables or trying to fine-tune their precious hifi. Most of those people are big spenders on cables too.

The non-believers claim it is all a bunch of nonsense and use difficult equitions to prove they are right. They are so convinced about it, that probably they will not hear any difference, because they are not open to it. I have done so many cable tests that I can convince myself there that no cable, interlink or powercord sound the same.

I used to be a big spender too on cables myself too. And of course nothing is wrong with that. Especially for the manufacturies! It is important to spend your high-end budget wisely and start with some cables that match the rest of your system. Using an interlink costing 400 euro for your 300 euro amplfier and cd player would be totally bullocks! Same with speakercables and powercords.

Another mistake that some audiophiles make is that they want to solve errors with cables. For example, when they suffer from too much hish or 'sssss' sounds or a lack of bass. A cable should just do its job and be as neutral as possible. Fixing your faults with cables is always creating a new problem. So, it will be a neverending story. When you are not fully satisfy with your hifi, you will need to begin at the basics. If you think the poor sound is coming from your cables, you are on the wrong path!

What are good cables?

So, what are good speakercables, interlinks or powercords? Or are there even bad sounding cables? As each audio component has its own 'character' in sound, so do cables. My goal is to find cables that are as neutral as possible and match with my cd player, amplifier and speakers. It can be a long quest to finally find the right cables, but it's fun! For example, I use an interlink of Van den Hul between my power amp and pre amp. Simply because it is an outstanding performer.

But, the loudspeaker cables from Mr. van den Hul sound horrible in my opinion. Too much highs and sloppy bass. It is like, using the loudness button. ( hope you don't have it, if so, don't use it! ) So, I am using a mix of cables to get te best out of my hifi system. Reading reviews about cables is just meaningless. Often, I have tried out, interlinks or speakercables that sounded great in my friend's high-end system. But once hooked in my system, it totally didn't do what I was expecting. I was totally not pleased with the Reference cables from Cardas. But some still think that is the best audio cables people can buy....