How to start buying your high-end equipment

So, where to begin when buying low-budget high-end audio? In this, as in most matters there are different opinions. Most audiophiles advice you to start with the loudspeakers, because these are the most important.

All what you put in, it has to come out from the speakers, so this can ruin it all or make you go to audio walhalla. Other people claim to begin with the source. Lets say, your cd player. Because, whatever goes wrong in there, you cannot recover it anymore by a good amplifier or speakers.

Finding the right match

And the last group says to begin with your amplifier, because this is the heart of every audio-systeem. It pumps the signal up and guides it to your speakers.

Hmmm... well yes this all can be true.. But what I think is most important is to find a good match, between all of these high-end components. You can buy fantastic speakers, disc-spinner and amp. If they do not match with eachother, you will be left by nothing than dissapointment and an empty wallet.

A good marriage can work on paper, but in real life they need to like eachother too. It is the same with high-end audio. Look for the right kind of 'chemistry' between the components. So, it doesn't really matter what to buy first. Go search for, things that match for your ears. It doesn't mean it all has to be from the same kind of brand.

Another important 'criterium' is that there is no such thing as a perfect sound. Whatever high-end system you have listened to, it will never sound as you would hear in a live concert . They all have their 'flaws'. It is good to visit some live concerts, to compare it with your high-end gear at home.

And who tells you if something is good, or deserve an high-end tag? It is not the adds, or the salespeople in the hifi-shop. You can guess it allright?:-)It's your ears! They are unique! They will not fool you! What is pleasent for your ears, doesn't mean it has to close to the real production. As long as your favorite music 'moves' you.

So, if it is not close to the real production? Who cares? Sometimes real, life productions sound horrible! So, trust your own judgements and more, your ears. Train them! Listen, listen and listen.