Exptected: Bryston BP60

Tomorrow I am expecting a second hand Bryston BP60 integrated amplifier to arrive. I'm keeping you updated!

Well, it seems that I was doing business with a fraud. Most likely I will not receive the Bryston. The good part is that I have payed using paypal, so my money is secured.

Strangely enough I had this gut feeling that it all was too good to be true. I admit, It was a bargain and I wanted to try the Bryston. It is a brand, very well know in hifi-land and which is highly respected. I wanted to own one! And of course I wanted to share this with you publishing it in my website. But somehow, you ignore this gut feeling, because the guy seem to be an audiophile too and I had a good talk with him on the phone...

So, maybe turn this dissapointment into an important lesson for people who buy second hand audio on the internet. Always trust your instinct. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! And please, use paypal at any time! You would find yourself a fool, when you get screwed. This is world is, unfortunatly full of people who like to take advantage of people who are honest.

Luckily, during the years, most business I have done went good. So, in general I have good experiences with doing business with people all around the world. And occacionaly there is this rotten apple, like I am dealing with right now. His e-mail address suddenly ceased to exist and his phone is off all day.

So, where there is smoke, there is a fire. Even, when people do business using paypal, doesn't mean you can trust them. If I have more news about this item, I will let you know! But, I do not expect to make an item about a Bryston anymore, at least for a while.....