The benefits of an audio forum

A good way to gain more knowlegde about audio and hifi is to subscribe in an audio forum. There are many to be found on the net. You can find a lot of topics of your interest. You will get updated on what is new and you can get a lot of tips and tricks about hifi.

And of course discussions about high-end audio, is part of an audio forum. But there is a point of critism, from my side. I have been on some audio forums, where people didn't show respect to eachother when there was a discussion going on.

People, insulted one and eachother. Seems there was a battle between the ego's of the members, instead of healthy and interesting discusions. And this always leads to an off topic conversation. So, the person who started the topic, never finds a satisfying answer to his/her question.

It didn't take long for me to end my membership to those forums, because it seems that some people feel no shame, when they are behind a screen and keyboard. This is for me one of the basis rules to join a forum. For a long time I haven't subscribe to any untill recently. I found a forum, where I felt welcome from the start.

I didn't detect any lack of respect for eachother either. The topics are interesting and if you have suggestions yourself you can talk about this with the friendly moderators. If you don't have problem with English, I would highly recommend you should take a look. And who knows you will make some new audio friends too!

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