Andre Klok

by Andre Klok

Hi all,

Yes, I'm the 'technician' that modified Martijn's Rotel :)
It now sounds like nothing I've heard before.

My speakers: Hepta Spring with modified filter (I changed the crappy capacitors to Mundorf Silver & Gold.
My speaker cable: Nordost flatcable (cuper).
My amp: Unison Research Unico with e82cc from GE in pre.
My Interlink: Nordost Heaven gate
My Dac: Metrum Acoustics Quad dac (NOS)
My digi interlink: home made from radar signal cable & Furutech RCA
My CD drive: Teac P10

The whole CD thing will be replaced by a Rotel 955ax in nos, recapped, reclocked and tubed with 6n2p-ev... in the near future.


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Mar 14, 2012
Good ones
by: Anonymous

I like his speakers!

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