What is better? Vinyl or CD?

Vinyl is back, no doubt about that! The sales of the 'black gold' has never been so high the last decade. That is a bit strange, as we live in the fast changing digital world. Where you buy the newest gadget today, which is already outdated tomorrow.

Maybe this is one of the reasons. A lot of people still have their vinyl collection from the 60's and 70's. It is the charm of listening to them again. It takes you away to the old days, bringing back sweet memories.

Also, there is the charm of playing vinyl. You need to clean it, get the needle in the right position etc. Then you sit and listen from the first until the last track. It is taboo, to skip some songs to your favourite. You light up a sigar and drink a glass of wine (or lager). Yes, it gives you this certain atmosphere, you will never get with listening to a cd or a flac file from your Apple.

So, in the end, what is better when it comes to sound? Vinyl or cd? I have to say that vinyl will be the winner. The musical performance and the way how easy it flows to your ears, vinyl just can not be beaten. It comes closer to reality, than any other source available.

But, I think it is useless to compare them. I can enjoy listening to music, during running, using my mobile phone. The quality is far from good, but it is just a different approach of getting involved with music. The same goes, for vinyl and cd. I both enjoy them, but in a different way.

I am glad, vinyl is back. It tells us, that there is more than, owning the newest gadgets. We human beings are sensitive for more, when it comes to music. Most of all, it is a personal choice, how we enjoy it.