Trying an AHP fuse for my cd player

For a while I was curious about the so called beter fuses for your hifi. But I never got to it, untill today. I was browsing on the website of a local hifi shop and there was a promotion on AHP fuses. As I didn't have to walk far, I went there to pick one up for my Rotel cd player. And 5 euro isn't a big risk!

Now I just replaced it, for the original fuse so I can not tell you if there are any spectaculair improvements. Also, the employee of the hifi shop told me that the it can sound different, depending on the direction of the fuse you mount it into your device. So, I am first going to listen to it for a while.

First impression

My first impression is positive. Although the improvements are not as dramaticly as adding a superclock to my Rotel for example. First it sounded different, but not better. The instruments where not in their 'normal' spot in the soundstage.

But later on, things seem to fall in their places. I could hear more things coming from the background too. All these changes are really marginal, but it is definatly there. I have the feeling it needs to run in for some more days, to give its full potential. After that, I will change the direction of the fuse to see what it does to the sound.

Right at the moment I am listening to guitarist Ottmar Liebert 'Viva!' cd ( live ) and I can really say the guitar strings are more lively and micro dynamics have been increased. Also, the soundstage wider and there is more 'black' between the instruments.

So, as I already suspected was that the AHP fuse needed some time to get the right tone. I bought one just for 5 euro, it is and old model. The new models are a bit more expensive. Next week I am going to buy some for my amps too. Need I say more? It is really worth to try them!


Update: I just bought a type 1 AHP for my Priboj power amplifier. I am curious what it will do. With the first experience in mind, I will let it burn in for a couple of days first to give it a review.

As said, I would come back to give a review about the fuse in my Tube amp. First impression was that it sounded a bit 'closed' and the bass was almost gone! However, after a while the sound was improving.

There is more depth in my soundstage now. I can detect more easily different layers in the soundstage. Musicians are standing ( or sitting ) behind eachother with some space in between them The most dramatic change, however is the bass response. It is more tight and compact. I first had to get used to it, but it is now more balanced with the mids and highs.


The next update will be my Meridian pre-amp. I can not imagine, the AHP fuse will not crank it up too! My sceptism towards the 'magic' of audio grade fuses is totally gone. I haven't tried other brands, but I am satisfied with the AHP fuses. I love these budget upgrades!

NOTE: Beware, before you decide to try a AHP fuse (or any other brands) The fuses are more sensitive than the ordinary fuses. So, a higher mA is recommended!