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Hola audio enthusiast!

Unfortunatly due a lack of time I have decided to head for another direction. For me there are some different options left. One of them is selling my website. The other is, to cooperate with another website/business, like a joint venture. Any other suggestions are welcome too! Let me know!


Martijn de Zee

High-end updates
High-end blog gives you updates how to buy high-end audio for a reasonable budget. It will give you tips and advice how to get the best out of your high-end audio system.
how to start?
how to start, buying high-end audio
Where to buy high-end-audio
Where to buy high-end audio?
buying loudspeakers
buying loudspeakers
my best loudspeakers
my best loudspeakers I have had
buying amplifier
buying an amplifier
Buying a cd player
the best way to buy a high-end cd player
best amplifiers
What are the best amplifiers?
tubes vs transistors
tubes transistors
used hifi
how to buy used hifi
high-end cables
buying high-end loudspeaker cables, interlinks and powercords
my opinion about powerconditioners
AHP fuse
Trying a AHP fuse for my Rotel cd player
bryston bp60
Desctription of a brystion bp-60
quad 33/303
is the quad 33-303 combi really that good?
story about magnetostatic loudspeakers
my high-end set-up
a description of my high-end set-up
Making money and get rich
what is high end
a story about what exacly is high-end audio
how to deal with acoustics
hifi shops
my experiences with hifi shops
audio shows
audio shows and its purpose
audio forum
my experience with audio forum
a contest of the most original posting
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